SmartSales helps to organize and operate your business while you save time and human power every day. Our software provides deep insight of your business in detailed reports and cash flow and keep eyes on inventory management as well. SmartSales help centralize your business and all tasks.

Yes, our expert Customer Engineer team will support you in all matters to run your operation with SmartSales as quickly as possible. Please not SmartSales has its own system requirements. Therefore our team would consult you without any charges to provide additional advice.

SmartSales also can be run on your existing hardware based on you selected software license. Our expert Network Team can help you to figure it out which hardware can be used and what else need to be extend. Please note, SmartSales has its own system requirement to run smoothly.

Our Customer Support team are there for you to discuss your needs and propose an individual customized plan for your business in terms of hardware and software license packages as well.

To implement SmartSales, our Engineer team first make survey about your operation. Then we can set hardware requirements and define the system in details for your convenience with the best matching price plan for your business. SmartSales can be setup already in a few hours depends on your individual requirements.

Yes, you can. SmartSales has cloud services which allow you to access your data and reports, KPIs from anywhere even if you are out of the country.

Yes, SmartSales supports your operational effectiveness with control over your stock to have always updated information of your products.

As part of increasing demand for card payment, SmartSales supports card payment acceptance from several banks with high level of security.

Yes, you can. We support our customers with ordering management via tablet with many additional possibilities performed by waiter tablet.

You do not need to be worried. SmartSales works offline as well. You can still perform orders even via tablets. Your data is safe with us even if there is no internet connection at all.

Yes, you can. SmartSales support customer membership management. We even can support you with NFC card system to provide unique experience to your customers.

SmartSales supports consolidate report. You can easily manage your operations and overviewing their performance in real time in overall or even on individual levels, too.

SmartSales fees is divided to Hardware & Software License. We are providing complete service for you even with hardware which is a one time fee only. We also offer price plan where all hardware are included. As addition we have monthly based subscription fee for our software license with payment plan with discounts as quarterly, half yearly or yearly payment options.

We support our customers in multiple ways on multiple platforms. SmartSales has its own customer support hot line between 9am to 9pm, email support, remote support and on site support as well. Our team is always there for you if you need any assistance.



Our expert team is always there for you to help and make your operation smooth, while solving out concerns or clarify any questions in terms of maximize SmartSales (SX) system with high efficiency